On May 5, 2023, Cameron Long, 21 years old was kidnapped after departing a bar in Lubbock, Texas. On May 7, his family confirmed him missing, and the Lubbock Police Department requested people for support with finding him. Sadly, on May 9, 2023, his body ended up in a field in North Lubbock County. What caused his death and by what means did he get there? Here are some statistics and information about Cameron Long’s unfortunate situation.

Whereabouts of Cameron Long Last Known To Be

a report from his mother Jenna Long, Cameron Long last appeared to leave the Rodeo 4 nightclub approximately 2:30 a.m. on May 5 near to the crossing of 4th Street and Slide Road. She claimed that he approached her to remind her that he was headed to a friend’s house an hour after leaving the club. She persistently wanted to call him later that day, but his phone was off. additionally had a glance at his social media accounts as well, but nothing had transpired.

Cameron’s absence from work on May 6 reportedly caused Jenna Long to worry. She claimed he was a very responsible and dependable manager who worked at a nearby restaurant. She further claimed that he was a kind and gregarious individual who adored music and sports and had no adversaries or interpersonal conflicts.

The abandoned vehicle of Cameron Long

Following reports of a check on Long’s wellbeing in the vicinity of FM 2641 and County Road 6200 on May 8, the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office located the car he had been driving on May 5. His grandma owned the white Ford Fusion that was being driven. The truck appeared to be having been left abandoned for some time, and the sheriff’s staff members revealed not any evidence of forced entry or illegal activity inside.

The Lubbock Police Department, which had issued a missing-person alert for Cameron Long on May 7, was reached by the sheriff’s office. The police department released a statement on May 8 requesting assistance from the public in locating Cameron Long. They also published an image of him and information concerning his clothing. He was reported as having a black sweatshirt, black trousers, black shoes and a black hat that featured a red brand.

Body of Cameron Long discovered in a field

Officers of the Lubbock law enforcement agency travelled to the location where Cameron Long’s vehicle was discovered on May 9 and searched the surrounding area. He had been found rotting in a field close to from FM 2641 and CR 1900, the spot where the automobile was found.. They made his family aware after confirming his identity.


Cameron Long’s murder was not assumed to be a consequence of foul play, though the police department highlighted the investigation was still open. They keep silent about each aspect of their friend’s passing, including the reason, how it occurred and the length of time it remained. They also declined to disclose whether his body bore any signs of abuse or injury.

Family and friends of Cameron Long mourn his passing

The news that Cameron Long was passing away was shocking and heartbreaking for the people he loved, who had been hoping to see him healthy and well. They published their sadness and sympathies on social media while remembered him as a loving son, brother, cousin, friend, and coworker. They also prayed for him and offered thankfulness to everyone who participated with the search for him.

The mother of Cameron Long, Jenna Long, told of her grief at losing her son, whom she described to as her best friend and rock. She admitted that she was unaware of what had happened to him or how he ended himself employed in that field.  She claimed to seek justice and answers for him.

The burial ceremony for Cameron Long was performed on May 13 at the Lubbock Resthaven burial Home. At Resthaven Memorial Park, he was buried. His grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, parents, sister, brother, mother, and an extensive group of friends stay surviving.


The reason of Cameron Long’s death continues to be under investigation, therefore it is not yet known with certainty. His close friends and family are still asking questions concerning what awaited him after he left the club on May 5. All of the people who were acquainted with and concerned about him are heartbroken by his loss.

By Yogi Mb

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