Do you like to play cards with friends? Are you good at trick-taking games? If all your answers are yes, then Call Break is the ideal game to play online. Why? Let us explain what this classic card game is about and how to use it to earn money.

What is Call Break?

Call Break is one of the multiplayer trick-taking games that use a traditional set of cards. Players get 13 cards in the beginning. After judging the cards, they will have to initially call the tricks they can pull. Once done, the tricks are noted. A player then begins by dropping a card face-up on the table, and the other players follow. The one with the highest-ranked card on the table wins a trick. In this way, players try to fulfil the number of tricks they called in the beginning and score.Spades, in this card game, is the trump suit. A player must have at least one Spade card to continue the game. If not, the game restarts by reshuffling the cards, followed by distribution. The scoring system suggests that a player will score points similar to the number of tricks he called if he fulfils them. If a player wins more hands than the tricks he called, he will get 0.1 points rewarded for each extra trick. If a player fails to do so, his score will reduce by 0.1 points for every trick that falls short. In the end, the highest scorer wins the match.

Best Call Break Apps to Earn Money

Now that you have understood how this classic trick-taking card game is played, here is a list of the best apps you can play to win real cash rewards.

  1. MPL Call Break

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of the most popular Call Break earning apps you can download on your smart device. This app’s simple user interface offers breathtaking animations. This app is 100% legal to download and play for a non-stop thrill. You can safely add your bank account to this app’s interface to deposit entry fees and withdraw cash rewards. This app has the highest number of players registered and waiting to play Call Break worldwide. Hence, you will not have to wait to play this exciting card game. It also pairs you with players of the same skill level. The unbiased card distribution uses an RNG algorithm for fair gameplay. It conducts cash contests daily and even big tournaments for professional players. 

  1. Call Break – Junglee Games

Junglee Games is one of the fastest-growing online platforms to play multiple games in terms of popularity. This app offers a dedicated section for Call Break where fans can connect to challenge each other and win cash prizes. The best part of this app is its exclusive features that can be used very easily. Players find the daily contests easy to join and compete. It also conducts big competitions with substantial cash rewards. Apart from this card game, you will find other games to play online and win real cash rewards.

  1. Call Break – Dangal Games

If you want an easy app to play Call Break, then Dangal Games is your destination. This multigame app lists games you can choose from and use your free time to win cash prizes. Like the other popular apps, this app also offers free tables to play and develop your skills. You can also play this card game offline with computer bots and keep yourself entertained. It offers a joining bonus to all new players and keeps surprising them with other bonuses. You can easily participate in the top competitions and keep a tab on your scorecard. 

  1. Playerzpot Call Break

If you are a newbie and want to learn how to play Call Break online, then Playerzpot is the ideal online platform. It offers a comprehensive guide with tutorial videos to learn about the gameplay and to practice offline. Its features can be used to deal cards and win tricks. The user interface is smooth and engaging regarding animations and audiovisual features. You can create an avatar for your Playerzpot account. This app is 100% secure to connect with your bank or UPI account to enter high-stake Call Break contests.

  1. Card Baazi Call Break

Card Baazi is an app that stands out from the crowd due to its appealing card themes and color palettes. The newcomers will be welcomed with exciting joining bonuses. They can use the bonus virtual cash to register and participate in contests. It also provides promotional offers and bonuses for regular players. Connect your bank account easily to deposit entry fees and withdraw cash winnings. This app also assists players in escalating their skill levels by providing expert tips to win in Call Break matches.

  1. Big Cash Call Break

If you want to participate in tournaments for free, then Big Cash is the best place to play Call Break. All you have to give is your time and effort to show your skills and win these contests. This app is 100% secure from cyber threats. You can link your bank or UPI account to deposit cash into your app account. You can also withdraw money from your app account directly to your linked bank or UPI account. Join with real players online on chosen stake tables and compete to win real cash prizes. Enjoy using the bonuses and rewards offered by this app more often.

  1. PokerBaazi Call Break

PokerBaazi is your go-to online platform for starting your Call Break venture. This app has other games to bring variance to your casual gaming experience. If you are a professional Call Break player, then this app’s daily contests are where you should be. Choosing cards and calling tricks are accessible on this app. The soothing graphics of the user interface will keep you hooked for hours playing this card game.

Find a Suitable Call Break Earning App!

Check out these options and compare them to find which of them offers the best features and bonuses. Try the gameplay and choose a suitable option to play Call Break online and win cash prizes. Keep learning from your experiences, and make this card game a secure way to earn extra cash in your free time.

By Yogi Mb

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