As a new parent, you might be working hard to keep your baby well-protected. You turn your house into a fortress for your little ruler of hearts. You create a cozy corner and you try to protect your baby from germs and bacteria. You work tirelessly to keep all baby items prim and proper but there are moments when a few things miss your eye. While as parents you do all that’s best for the baby, a few things such as cleaning baby feeding accessories require extra attention. Products such as a feeding bottle, a nipple, or a breast pump should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to maintain the delicate balance within the baby’s immune system. 

Basic cleaning is the first step to make sure your baby stays safe and germ-protected when it comes to baby feeding bottles. However, the steps mentioned below will help you clean it like a pro.

Steps to clean Feeding Bottles:


  • Disassemble All Parts:  It is important to clean all parts of baby bottles, even the trickiest or hard-to-reach places need cleaning. Make sure you separate all parts of the feeding bottle, such as the bottle, nipple, rim, and cap. 
  • Soaking: The next step to bottle cleaning is soaking the bottle in a mix of baby liquid cleanser and lukewarm water, you can use normal water along with a gentle bottle cleaning liquid too. Soak the feeding bottle and its components for 10 to 15 minutes. It is always advised to use plant-based liquid cleansers for baby feeding items as they are considered safe and gentle.

  • Scrub with a brush – Post the soaking you can use a soft-bristled nylon brush to clean the parts of the feeding bottle. Vega Baby & Mom bottle cleaning brushes are a viable option to choose from. There are 2 types of brushes available. i.e a Rotating Bottle and Nipple Cleaning brush and a 2-in-1 Bottle and Nipple rush with a vacuum base. These bottle-cleaning brushes have unique qualities that set them apart from regular cleaning brushes.

  • Rinsing: After scrubbing and cleaning the feeding bottles with a brush, rinse the feeding bottle, nipple/teat, under running water for about 5 seconds. If rinsing in a basin, change the water at least twice. 

Why is sterilization required?
Boiling the baby feeding bottles in a pot of boiling water may be the simplest way to sterilize, however, using a steam sterilizer may offer extra protection from germs and bacteria with utmost convenience. 

We feel Vega Baby & Mom 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer with Dryer could be your companion while you sterilize the baby feeding bottles.  


Here are a few steps to make sterilization and drying easy:

Step 1 

Add 100-120ml of Filtered distilled water or Purified water (max 150ml) into the heating plate for steaming. Based on scientific research extremely high temperatures of steam vapors help kill bacteria. (Show with figure)

Step 2
Place the bottles on the base, and smaller items on the upper compartment as it has 3 different assemblies based on the number of contents and size of the contents to be sterilized. It has 2 layered spaces that can be used as a single or double compartment as per use and convenience. (Show with figure)

Step 3
Load thoroughly cleaned feeding bottles, nipples, etc into the sterilizer body. Put the bottle neck downwards into the body and place the nipples or other accessories on the upper layer or the small basket. (Show with figure)

Step 4
Assemble the lid tightly and plug it into the main supply. You can choose one among the 3 modes to use the sterilizer as per your need and convenience. The light indicator visually displays the mode the sterilizer is in.

Key Takeaways:

Items for cleaning baby feeding accessories are a must-have as they help you keep your baby protected and safe. You will have one less thing to worry about and focus more on your baby. Reading the product’s user manual and following the correct ways to clean and sterilize baby bottles can help you keep your baby well-fed and germ-protected. 

By Yogi Mb

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