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Users of, a well-known fan-made website honouring the original SimpCity developers, have been left dissatisfied and annoyed by the website’s prolonged downtime. The website offered a wide range of SimpCity-related content, including news, how-to guides, mods, screenshots, videos, and forums.

Although the cause of the site’s unavailability is unknown, some individuals believe a cyberattack, technical difficulties, or legal difficulties may be to blame.  A notice stating “This site can’t be reached” has reportedly been seen by some users when they attempt to access

While there haven’t been any new tweets from the website’s official Twitter account since April 2023, some followers have discovered other ways to access the site’s material. Reasonable_Row_1002 sent a link to, another fan-made website that declares to be the future home of SimpCity and ThotsBay forums. The link is encrypted with Base64, an online tool-decipherable data encoding technique. may not be secure or dependable, hence some users have expressed scepticism and caution about utilising it. Others have taken issue with the site’s registration and verification requirements for accessing the content. Some people have recommended using, a website that offers news, proxies, and status updates for

The team has yet to formally clarify or provide an explanation regarding the state of the website or its future goals. Since it was one of the most well-liked and extensive sources of information and entertainment for SimpCity fans, many fans are hoping that the website would soon be back up and running.

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By Yogi Mb

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