Winning a jackpot is like scoring a hat trick goal in the last minute of a football match. While not many can do it, it’s still possible and brings excitement to the players who can hit the jackpot. Playing at 918kiss is all about scoring big. 

If you can land yourself on a jackpot when on a losing spree, you can cover all the previous losses in one go. However, the odds of winning a jackpot are unpredictable, and to win big at 918Kiss, you need to stay consistent with your moves and be dedicated to the games you are playing. But that’s certainly not enough for anyone to win a jackpot at 918Kiss. 

Want to learn how you can have a better chance of winning a jackpot at 918Kiss? If so then you are at the right place. Here we will be unveiling the secrets of winning big at 918Kiss. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

  • Types Of Jackpots For Winning Big

One of the perks of playing at 918Kiss is that you don’t get to deal with a single jackpot. You will find multiple jackpots at 918Kiss and players have different priorities when it comes to jackpot hunting. Below we have discussed some of the jackpots that are offered at 918Kiss and how they are triggered by players at the online casino.

  • Fixed Jackpot 

One of the stable jackpots that a player can chase is the fixed jackpot. The prize amount in these jackpots is consistent and the prize amount in a fixed jackpot is not influenced by the number of players playing or the amount of bets placed. 

You will find a vast variety of games that offer fixed jackpots and you need to choose according to your preferences. However, you should always check the eligibility conditions for a fixed jackpot and ensure that the bets you are placing qualify for the big money.

  • Progressive Jackpot 

The progressive jackpot is comparatively more exciting for players who like to play it risky. These jackpots are usually found in slot games and the amount in these jackpots increases gradually. A small percentage of the player’s wager contributes to the jackpot and over time the amount is accumulated. 

Winning a progressive jackpot is all about staying consistent with your game. However, you should also look out for some specific criteria like the condition of maximum bets as some games want you to bet in maximum numbers if you want to grab the jackpot.

  • Random Jackpot 

Another common jackpot you will find at 918Kiss is the random jackpot. As the name of the jackpot suggests, these jackpots are randomly triggered without any specific symbol combination or anything. 

These jackpots are tied to specific in-game events or moments and players might even consider these jackpots as Easter eggs. This is because of their random and surprising nature. The only reasonable way to win a random jackpot is by playing games with different strategies and exploring different ways to win games.

  • Strategies For A Better Shot At The Jackpot

Have your eyes on the prize already? And now want the secret recipe to win big? If so then this is the section you shouldn’t miss out on. Here we will be covering some of the different strategies that will get you closest to a jackpot and if you are lucky and skillful enough, you could even win the jackpot.

  • Justifiable Gaming Practices 

Want to win the jackpot at 918Kiss, start by maintaining the bankroll you are playing with. Deciding a budget and sticking to it plays a vital role in responsible gambling. Moreover, you should also have a time limit for playing at 918Kiss. 

Playing games in excess can cloud your judgment and you might not be able to make the best decisions. Moreover, you can also play different games to have a better chance at the jackpot. 

Playing different games encourages diversification and reduces monotony as you wouldn’t be focusing on a single game for an excess period. Lastly, you can also use some self-exclusion tools like setting a deposit limit for yourself to ensure that you are on the right track to your jackpot but don’t go bankrupt at the same time.

  • Know The Odds & Payouts

If you would know what games you are signing up for, chances are that you would know different and efficient ways around the jackpot. And when we talk about knowing the games, it’s essential to talk about payouts and odds that are offered by the game you choose to play. 

Odds of a game refer to the chance or probability of winning, the higher the odds, the better for the players. The payout ratio refers to the frequency and amount of payouts you would be getting from a particular game. 

You will find different variants of the same games and some would have better odds and payouts while others won’t. You need to know the RTP of the games, specifically slot games, and go for the games that have a high RTP.

  • Essential Jackpot Hunting Tips For Beginners

Starting as a beginner is always tough, and one can get overwhelmed if they don’t know their way to the jackpot. However, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind at all times, especially when you are hunting for the jackpot. For starters, it’s vital to have realistic expectations, having high expectations can lead to you being emotionally drained. 

At 918Kiss, you are mainly playing for fun and to have an enjoyable time so as a beginner don’t make decisions under pressure that you would regret in the long run. Moreover, you must know that every game that you play at 918Kiss will improve your learning curve, giving you more experience and getting you closer to the jackpot. 

Lastly, ensure that the games that you play have a lower house edge. House edge is the percentage that the gambling platform charges for playing games and at 918Kiss, the house edges are typically low. However, you must at all times check the house edge because the lower the house edge, the better it is for beginners


Winning a jackpot is all about playing consistently and not losing hope. Jackpots can be a real game-changer for any player. So when at 918Kiss, you need to know the jackpot you are hunting for. Moreover, try different winning combinations in different games as you never know which combination can lead you to the jackpot.   Try out 918Kiss games for free with the 918kiss test id now!

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