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Cameron Long was a 21-year-old man who went missing on May 5, 2023, after leaving a nightclub in Lubbock, Texas. His family reported him missing on May 7, and the Lubbock Police Department asked the public for help in finding him. Sadly, his body was found in a field in North Lubbock County on May 9, 2023. What was the cause of his death and how did he end up there? Here are some facts and details about the tragic case of Cameron Long.

Cameron Long’s Last Known Whereabouts

According to his mother, Jenna Long, Cameron Long was last seen leaving the Rodeo 4 nightclub at about 2:30 a.m. on May 5, near the intersection of 4th Street and Slide Road. She said she last heard from him an hour after he left the club, when he texted her that he was going to a friend’s house. She tried to call him several times later that day, but his phone was off. She also checked his social media accounts, but there was no activity.

Jenna Long said she became worried when Cameron did not show up for work on May 6. She said he worked as a manager at a local restaurant and was very responsible and reliable. She also said he had no enemies or problems with anyone, and that he was a friendly and outgoing person who loved music and sports.

Cameron Long’s Vehicle Found Abandoned

On May 8, the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office found the vehicle Cameron Long was driving on May 5, following reports of a check welfare in the area of FM 2641 and County Road 6200. The vehicle was a white Ford Fusion that belonged to his grandmother. The sheriff’s office said there was no sign of foul play or forced entry in the vehicle, and that it appeared to have been parked there for some time.

The sheriff’s office contacted the Lubbock Police Department, which had issued a missing person alert for Cameron Long on May 7. The police department then released a statement on May 8, asking for assistance from the public in locating Cameron Long. They also released a photo of him and a description of his clothing. They said he was wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, black shoes, and a black hat with a red logo.

Cameron Long’s Body Found in a Field

On May 9, officers from the Lubbock Police Department returned to the scene where Cameron Long’s vehicle was found and conducted a search of the area. They discovered his body in a field near FM 2641 and CR 1900, a considerable distance from where the vehicle had been located. They confirmed his identity and notified his family.

The police department said foul play was not suspected in Cameron Long’s death, but that the investigation was still ongoing. They did not release any details about the cause or manner of his death, or how long he had been dead. They also did not reveal if there were any signs of injury or trauma on his body.

Cameron Long’s Family and Friends Mourn His Loss

The news of Cameron Long’s death shocked and saddened his family and friends, who had been hoping to find him alive and well. They expressed their grief and condolences on social media, remembering him as a loving son, brother, cousin, friend, and coworker. They also thanked everyone who helped in the search for him and prayed for him.

Cameron Long’s mother, Jenna Long, said she was devastated by the loss of her son, who was her best friend and her rock. She said she did not understand what happened to him or why he ended up in that field. She said she wanted answers and justice for him.

Cameron Long’s funeral service was held on May 13 at Resthaven Funeral Home in Lubbock. He was laid to rest at Resthaven Memorial Park. He is survived by his mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and many friends.


Cameron Long’s cause of death remains unknown as of now, as the investigation into his case continues. His family and friends are still waiting for closure and clarity about what happened to him after he left the nightclub on May 5. His death is a tragic loss for everyone who knew him and loved him.

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